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Address: 13 Aurel Pop Street, Timisoara
Sales Office: Calea Torontalului,
10th floor, Timisoara

Thank you for your interest in Vox Vertical Village. We’d be happy to contact you at that point, if you’d like to register your interest.

    Thank you for your interest in Vox Vertical Village. We’d be happy to contact you at that point, if you’d like to register your interest.

    Welcome To Your New Home. Explore The Building.

    Vox Property Group

    Str. Aurel Pop, No. 13, Timisoara

    • Levels: 10
    • Residences: 120
    • Parking lots: 138
    • Terraces: 7400m2
    • Green areas: 7000m2
    • Shared spaces: 5000m2

    Perfect Blend Between A House And An Apartment

    Vox Vertical Village brings homes closer to the city, representing the perfect blend between the comfort of a house and the advantages of an apartment.

    Through this concept, we aimed at sparing residents from the daily chores of running a traditional household, while still offering them the full benefits and comfort of a house. We have also set out to develop a space where interaction and communication between neighbors occur, which we believe is the cornerstone of any community. In order to achieve this, we started out from a classic pattern of independent and connected houses, isolated twelve of these buildings and transformed the street into a “public square”, resulting in a spacious atrium inside, surrounded by houses, gardens, and terraces.

    The framework of the building, a generous common space developed both horizontally and vertically, on all levels, is outlined by urban furniture, interior gardens and most importantly lots of natural light coming through the open spaces between residences. This building targets those with a dynamic lifestyle, by offering multiple facilities that successfully complete the imposing architecture and exceptional interior design.

    Radu Golumba

    Architect, Studio Arca

    Enjoy Nature, Inside And Out

    The imposing terraces are characterized primarily by light and space, while the design is perfectly complemented by natural elements, plants, and glass. Private terraces serve as relaxing spaces with amazing views over Timisoara.

    The experience is fantastic for the whole family because both common gardens and indoor lobbies invite residents to exploration and socializing.

    Premium finishes highlight the spaciousness and brightness of the entire residential complex, especially in the common indoor spaces. At the same time, the green plant mix gives a fresh touch to the interior.

    The generous spaces, the abundance of light and the fluid layout of the residences make Vox Vertical Village the perfect home for nature lovers and dynamic people while providing an environment that reflects their personality and lifestyle.

    Exceptional Quality With The Utmost Attention To Detail

    Exquisite spaces are characterized by elegant contrasts between dark gray and brown shades, mixing colors with the rich and smooth texture of the floors, the retro-chic appeal of natural wood and the modern colors of chandeliers.

    The result is an elegant residence, a luxuriant construction in soothing natural tones.

    Built to perfection

    Green building

    Just like Vox Technology Park, Vox Vertical Village will be built according to BREEAM requirements for obtaining the BREEAM Excellent Certificate.

    Smart and secure

    Experience the perfect fusion between an active lifestyle and technology, a home with access control and smart facilities.

    Ideal location

    Address: 13 Aurel Pop Street, Timisoara
    Sales Office: 69 Calea Torontalului,
    10th floor, Timisoara

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    Vox Technology Park – Office building

    Distance: 1 minute


    Iulius Mall – Shopping mall

    Distance: 7 minutes


    Unirii Square – City Centre

    Distance: 10 minutes


    Hypermarket Auchan – Hypermarket

    Distance: 5 minutes


    USAMVB Timișoara – Universitate

    Distanță: 4 minute


    Spitalul Premiere – Medical services

    Distance: 3 minutes